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* Alcôve & Agapes' Story

The seed of Alcove & Agapes is sown in 1992, while returning from a voyage to Scotland, fatherland of Truth Bed & Breakfast, where home stay is done with the heart .

Charmed by the friendliness and the cultural experience of the bed and breakfast home stays, we decide, my boy friend and me, that when we would be old and have a beautiful house in the countryside, ( typically stereotype in France of what is a bed and breakfast) we will receive foreigner guest in our home.

Then we have had the idea that, without waiting, in our apartment in Montmartre, located in the centre of The City which makes dream every one in the world: Paris, we could start receiving tourists without waiting... and travelling, thanks to them, while remaining on our home.

Year after year, I made followers among my friends and colleagues and a day in 1997, following the meeting with my current American partner, I decided to forget my profession of in director of audio-visual communication and to become the mother of Alcove & Agapes, with all the joys and sacrifices that was going to generate...

* Today I am still protecting Alcôve & Agapes like my beloved baby, and have one sole aim: Quality.

It is why, to have full control and to be sure that day after day, only the premium bed and breakfast are offered to our paying guests that I am alone with all to manage, even if that encroaches much on my private life.

I always take care that Alcôve & Agapes remain a small bussiness, a family and friendly bussiness , like are the bed and breakfast which I recommande.

I would always be your sole intermediary personalizing to the best of my ability a service which must, by its nature, be more friendly than strictly business.
Alcove & Agapes hard at maintaining quality and friendly service, so that you will be better informed and advised.