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Welcome at Alcôve & Agapes Bed and Breakfast in Paris - The best of the Paris B&Bs
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Alcôve & Agapes specializes in charming and exceptional high-quality lodgings in Paris.

Story of Alcôve & Agapes
* Françoise FORET, the creator of Alcôve & Agapes was attired to the world of Bed & Breakfast in 1992.
She started Alcôve & Agapes in 1998 with the idea of sharing her richening experience with the Parisiens who are searching for friendly encounters and possibilities of cultural exchange.
She will always be the sole intermediary between the Parisian hosts and the guests who are on quete for lodging more personnel than an hotel.
Her role in your stay is giving guidance and advices.

Françoise wants always stress the fact that the idea of Bed & Breakfast in individual homes is not a cheaper alternative to hotels. On the contrary, if the guests are searching for an excellent price-quality value, Alcôve & Agapes is just the solution for them.

These principles have granted Alcôve & Agapes an excellent reputation and a loyal international clientele appreciating quality.
Highly stressing the quality of the lodgings, she has based her success on friendly but strict collaboration with her Parisian hosts, which lies on fidelity and teamwork.

The choice of the name : Alcôve & Agapes
Alcôve & Agapes is the translation invented by Françoise Foret with which she wants to express more refinedly the English term "Bed & Breakfast".

* The word “Alcôve” means protection, shelter, warmth, comfortable recess, which gives the place to have a good night’s sleep. It means also love, which is ideal as a meaning for lodgings located in the city often referred as “the city for lovers”.

When it comes to “Agapes”, it was chosen to define the breakfast. “Agapes” is literally a feast, a festive meal between friends. This term was ideal for the purpose as friendliness is crucial element in Bed & Breakfast activities.

In addition, when Alcôve & Agapes is the Bed & Breakfast in Paris, with the creator and entrepreneur Françoise Foret, it makes A&A, the B&B by FF.

Specialities of Alcôve & Agapes

* Aiming for perfection, specializing in high quality.
Since its beginning in 1998, the priority of Alcôve & Agapes has always been aiming to perfection, which is why it today has a network of high-quality lodgings with character, charm, and luxury in Paris.

All her hosts who are selected with great care, follow a precise quality chart. This chart dates from 1998, when the only label known was the “Gîtes de France” (traveller's homes) and which nowadays goes perfectly together with the criteria defined by the City of Paris “Haute Qualité Paris”.

The lodgings are in haussmannien-style apartments, individual houses with garden, ancien studios of Parisian artists...
Some possess a splendid view over Paris or the Eiffer Tower. Some offer a private living room, a kitchenette or a terrace...

One important thing is that the guest who chooses to reserve a lodging selected by Alcôve & Agapes, will always be the only paying customer in the dwelling, and will get the full attention and the exclusive advices and help from his host.

The hosts and hostesses are mostly couples without children or singles living alone, and they are aged between 25 to 70 years. Over 85% speak English, some Italien, Spanish or German, and some even other languages more rare.

The price per night, per room, taxes and breakfast always included varies between 70 to 145 Euros.
There is no minimum stay nor any adhesion fee.
Secured payment is done online by credit card, by bank transfert or on arrival.

The Web site :

All the accommodations Alcôve & Agapes are available free access on this site. They are presented in details: the hosts and hostesses, the dwellings, the bedrooms, the bathrooms, the Parisian quarters they are situated in, as well as many additional information (allergy-free materials, the size of the bed...) , The supplementary services provided by the hosts (evening meals, anniversary dinners, guided tours, wine or cheese tastings, cooking classes, childcare...)
Many photos illustrate these descriptions to assure the guests, to give them the possibility to make the right choise and especially not to have any surprises on their arrival.

The personalized service by Françoise FORET

Françoise FORET has two priorities : the quality and the conviviality.
It is why, to have full control and to be sure that day after day, only the premium bed and breakfast are offered to the paying guests that she is alone with all to manage. She will always want Alcôve & Agapes to remain a small family and friendly bussiness, alike the Bed and Breakfast which she offers in her network. She will always be the sole intermediary between the guests and the hosts personalizing to the best of her ability a service which must, by its nature, be more friendly than strictly business. Alcove & Agapes holds onto maintaining quality and friendly service, so that the guests will be better informed and advised, and egally treated as human individuals and not as faceless numbers.
Françoise always asks her guests to recontact her after their stay in order to share their souvenirs. In the same spirit, she wishes that her hosts - whom she considers like members of a society where confidence, conviviality and fidelity are in great value - would tell her the details that were remarkable and unforgettable within every stay they hosted.
She also sees that a book or a film could be inspired by the Bed and Breakfast story, because offering Bed & Breakfast at one’s home, is almost like travelling whilst staying at home, becoming an actor in an universe where now so often one contents to be just the spectator...

The personalized service offered by the Hosts Alcôve & Agapes

Alcôve & Agapes stresses the promotion of tourism with personal and cultural touch since 1998.
One of the main criteria when selecting the Parisian hosts is : the humain touch and quality and the respect of noble motivations and cultural aims.
Alcôve & Agapes also encourages the hosts to offer an accommodation with a personal touch which does not necessarily limit only to the bedroom and breakfast.

Every host A&A has selected, will not receive more than one guest at a time (a single visiter, a couple, a family, a couple of friends...)
Every host shall not give more than two rooms for Bed & breakfast activities at a time. This is to assure that the visiter is received as a friend of the family, not as only a faceless paying customer in the spare bedroom.
Also, in order to be able to offer more than only a bed to sleep and breakfast in the morning, all Alcôve & Agapes hosts offer the guests to have the possibility to better familiarize themselves with France and its traditions, its cultural heritage or its culinary pleasures...

The high quality services proposed:
• Candle-light dinner to celebrate an anniversary or for marriage proposal...
• Champagne-breakfast (highly appreciated by the Germans)
• English, German or health-food style breakfast...
• Champagne, rose pedals in the bedroom for those on their honeymoon
• Ideas for romantic places and realisation for a proposal for marriage...

Other possible services:
• Dinner with the hosts
• Wine-tasting (by hosts experts in oenologie)
• Cheese-tasting (by amateur hosts with the map of France and explications)
• Visits in different quarters in Paris
• Mini cooking classes (with grocery shopping, cooking and dining)
• French conversation courses
• Childcare
• Restaurant reservations and recommendations, spectacle reservations...

Every host has their specialties...

Alcôve & Agapes is internationally known.
Alcôve & Agapes is referred to and collaborates with international partners and it has many references in travel guides (and on the Internet) and has featured in many articles in magazines and journals.
(Extracts of press reviews about Alcôve & Agapes)

The guests of Alcôve & Agapes come - and return also - all around the world
• 50 % from Europe (Germany, Italy, Belgium, The Netherlands, Great Britain, the Nordic countries...
• 30 % from United States and Canada
• 15% from the rest of the world (Australia, Japan, China, India ...)
• 5% from France.
(Extracts of the messages sent by the guests of A&A)

The profil of Parisian capable to become a Host at Alcôve & Agapes
The first qualities of an host Alcôve & Agapes are : availability, altruism, seriousness and fidelity.
The host should possess some notions of English to be able to speak with the guests (95% foreigners, non-French) and that he or she will have the access to Internet if possible, to be able to communicate with the guests already before their arrival.
The host must also keep in mind that even when offering accommodation at one’s home and the activity is domestic, it still has to be done professionnally, seriously and reliably.

Furthermore, as Alcôve & Agapes specializes high-quality lodgings, the intriors of the accommodations should be comfortable and with special character. So that the decoration would be enchanting, surpriseing, conforting and something special...

What Alcôve & Agapes gives to the Parisian Hosts
• 13 years of experience of receiving guests in Bed and Breakfast in Paris
• Working methods designed for and by Parisiens since eight years.
• Strict choosing of the guests.
• Refined clientele.
• Remuneration which atteins their efforts and presentation, to be paid on arrival, never after.
• The advantages of an small enterprise; the advices, the availability and the care of Françoise FORET.

Guest profile confirming a stay at Alcôve & Agapes
• 90 % are tourists , 5% businessmen and congress participants, 5% des students.
• 70% are travelling in couple , 20 % in family and 10% are single persons.
• 50 % are Europeens , 35 % Americans, 5% French, 10% come from the rest of the world.
• 70% are aged between 35 to 60 years, 15 % are under 35 year, 15 % are over 60 years.
• The average stay is from 3 to 4 days.

The reasons the Guests choose to stay in Bed & Breakfast in Paris
• 90 % are looking for an experience that differs of that in a hotel.
• 80 % are looking for a cultural exchange and a friendly contact with their host.
• 30% feel assured, accompanied and guided at a Bed & Breakfast stay.
• 70 % are looking for a good quality-price value above other reasons.
• 10 % choose B&B for a financial reason.
• 90 % have already experienced bed and breakfast in an individual home.

Important points for the Guest
• The decoration of the bedroom is more individual, surprising and refeshing than that of an hotel room.
• The company, conversations and guidance about Paris given by the host.
• The fact that he or she will always be the unique paying guest and shall have the reception of a friend but not a paying guest.
• The variety, quantity and quality of the breakfast.
• The impeccable cleanliness of the accommodation offered.

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