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Françoise Foret Welcome on Alcôve & Agapes on-line reservation system, the most personalisated Bed and Breakfast in Paris Organisation. It allows you to get instantly, easily and fastly, an official confirmation of your booking and immediate reception of the name and address of the host your have selected, after the carefull check of your inputs.

This website benefits from a high level of safety regarding the personal data you will register as well as on the payment by credit card (SIPS ATOS ORIGIN system, one of the main on-line banking transactions system).

Each accommodation that is offered to you have been carefully selected by Françoise Foret both for the aestheticism and the qualities of comfort and cleanliness of the places and for the hospitality and the human qualities of their owners. More then that each follows a strict Charter of Quality, is regularly inspected (by Françoise Foret as well as by mystery customers ) and is evaluated, after every stay, by the guest thanks to a questionnaire of satisfaction.

Should you wish some advice to optimize your research, do not hesitate to read the following information .

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Alcôve & Agapes  adheres to the  Syndicat d'Initiative of  Montmartre Alcôve et Agapes adheres to the Paris Tourism Office since 1998 Alcôve & Agapes collaborates with the Comité Régional du Tourisme Alcôve & Agapes is a partner of the Paris City Hall for the quality chart Hôtes Qualité Paris

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