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Some of you may not understand why I offer the possibility of choice by the Host
For the French people, for the Parisans, it is completely normal; Especially when deciding upon the appropriate accommodation for your a stay in a private home, in Home stay.

It is why I let you make the choice to do a search based on Host characteristics :
age, family, passions... Foreign Languages hosts can speak, or Value-added services they can provide you.

The bedroom of the b&b 101 Search by Foreign Languages spoken by hosts
* Hosts who speak English
* Hosts who speak Italian
* Hosts who speak German
* Hosts who speak Spanish

Search by Value-added services
* Evening meals
* Initiation into French cooking
* Wine tasting
* Cheese tasting
* French conversation
* Private guided tour of Paris ( local area, Market, Places of interest... )

Of course each time I encourage you to discover my favorites...


You can jump ahead to any other choice by clicking on any one of the headings that you see represented at the top of the page.