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A Perfect Parisian Welcome

Françoise and Herve in a recent trip in Scotland
Wandering the lands of fair Scotland, Françoise Foret fell in love with the homey bed and breakfast services throughout the countryside.

After art, travelling is a second passion of Françoise and arriving back to her apartment in the Montmartrean village of Paris she made a decision, that all travellers would be warmly welcomed into her own home.

Thus Alcove & Agapes was born.
From that day until 1992, reports, research and tortuous hard work went into creating the company, as it is today nearly 100 B&BS throughout the city of Paris.

Françoise's own home that she shares with her partner Herve, is Parisian to the max. Decorated throughout with their own art and plenty of goblins lovingly carried home from travels further afield, guests can settle into Parisian life just a short walk from Montmartre.
To say that the house of Francoise is unique is a mild statement. It is distinctive, rare and has a character of itself.
If you've been bundling around the globe and arrive in Paris with a need to settle down for a couple days, Alcove & Agapes is the perfect stop. All B& Bs are personally vetted by Françoise and each has their own distinctive and welcoming Parisian style.
Francoise will sit for hours discussing travel and the wide world for them this is their reward for setting up an original and unique service for the weary traveller.