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An original way to experience Paris

Parisian specialist of a network of B&B’s of quality, choosing her hosts and their dwellings carefully, Alcôve & Agapes is the creation of Françoise Foret who wants to host her guests “differently”.
Her thumb rules are : the importance of a personalised lodging, the interactivity with people, and the quality of the lodgings... to provide good experiences “à la parisienne”.


Since its beginning in 1998, the priority of Alcôve & Agapes has always been aiming to perfection, which is why it today has a network of high-quality lodgings with character, charm and luxury in Paris.

Highly stressing the quality of the lodgings, she has based her success on friendly but strict collaboration with her Parisian hosts, which lies on fidelity and teamwork.

All her hosts who are selected with great care, follow a precise quality chart. This chart dates from 1998, when the only label known was the “Gîtes de France” (the traveller's homes) and which nowadays goes perfectly together with the criteria defined by the city of Paris “Haute Qualité Paris”.

One important thing is that the guest who chooses to reserve a lodging selected by Alcôve & Agapes, will always be the only paying customer in the dwelling, and shall get the exclusive advices and help from his host.

These methods have granted Alcôve & Agapes an excellent reputation and a loyal international clientele appreciating quality.


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You can also reach Françoise FORET (preferably in the mornings) at 33 (0)1 44 85 06 05 or by sending her an e-mail E-mail , and she will respond you in less than eight hours.

Alcôve & Agapes  adheres to the  Syndicat d'Initiative of  Montmartre Alcôve et Agapes adheres to the Paris Tourism Office since 1998 Alcôve & Agapes collaborates with the Comité Régional du Tourisme Alcôve & Agapes is a partner of the Paris City Hall for the quality chart Hôtes Qualité Paris

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