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'Flash' Discount/Promotions for the months to come.
Click on the picture that you are interested in.
You will be guided to the full description of your accommodation.
The amount of the discount depends on how long your stay is.
You can begin to make a reservation, even without confirming it,
to see the exact amount of the discount you will get.

You can see additional special offers at the bottom of this page :
offered meals, tasting of wines, cheeses, guided tours...

Definition of the Flash Promo :
This marketing process allows to develop the relationship with the client while offering savings.
As a result, and for a certain period of time, accommodations will be literally offered for cheap, it will thus be necessary to buy during this period of time to benefit from this exceptional discounts.

With Alcôve & Agapes Bed And Breakfast In Paris,
if you begin a process of reservation with a special flash offer, the discount is guaranteed to you.
But if you come back 20 minutes after, it may have disappeared.


* Special discover, discounted rate
In order to let you discover our unique service in the hopes of making you became our best advertising, we are happy to offer you this new place at a very discounted rate.

* A dinner is offered for a stay of seven or more nights.
If you make a reservation for at least seven nights at Bruno`s, he will offer a dinner to you. Complete meal for two people, including drink, aperitif, first course, main course, cheese, desert and wine. Please specify the code : 7NBRUNO to benefit from this offer.