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* Alcôve & Agapes is a Paris-based company created by Françoise Foret in 1998.

She serves as a middle person between visitors who seek out a high quality lodging in Paris at the residence of real natives and those property-owners who are making available their bed and breakfast guest bedrooms, guest houses, guest apartments in home stays .

You can always get a sense of who we are, how professional we are or what our services provide, by checking out our Photo Album, Guest Book or our Press reviews.


All throughout this site I will guide you towards the accomodation that best fits you and your needs during your stay in Paris. Here are some helpful hints that will facilitate your search for the perfect place to stay.

* • At the very beginning you can freely browse in this sections "Introduction" and Lodging. There you will learn about the philosophy of Alcôve & Agapes as well as accommodations which I have carefully selected for you.

• When you found some accommodations suitable for you and are ready to make the booking, you can check the availability by clicking on the link Reservation on the banner on the right.

• Of course, you can directly make a research without visiting the other pages. Nevertheless, I would like to point out that I worked hard on writing these pages of explanations. I really think it would be a pity if you miss the personal touch brought by Alcôve & Agapes, and make a reservation in one of our accommodations just as if it was the booking of a simple hotel bedroom.

• At any given moment, you may also consult the Promotions, to determine whether there is an accomodation from which to take advantage that exactly measures up to your expectations.

• or the Definition of any word that you find within this text that you do not feel that you completely understand.


Alcôve & Agapes  adheres to the  Syndicat d'Initiative of  Montmartre Alcôve et Agapes adheres to the Paris Tourism Office since 1998 Alcôve & Agapes collaborates with the Comité Régional du Tourisme Alcôve & Agapes is a partner of the Paris City Hall for the quality chart Hôtes Qualité Paris

Alcôve & Agapes  was featured in articles in Maisons de la France News BBC highlights Alcôve & Agapes in it's september 2003 show The FRANCE 2 eight o'clock news spoke about Alcôve & Agapes on wednesday, january 26, 2005 Alcôve & Agapes was featured in an article in GEO magazine The FRANCE 5 TV show C'est votre affaire spoke about Alcôve & Agapes on wednesday, march 9, 2005 Alcôve & Agapes was featured in ELLE magazine The TF1 eight o'clock news spoke about Alcôve & Agapes on sunday, january 30, 2005