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Alcove & Agapes offers a wide selection of hosts who wish to have you stay in their homes.
These quaint and inexpensive guest rooms nestled within exceptional properties will afford you the level of excellence and service that you can expect from any 3- or 4-star hotel.

The private lounge of the b&b 279
The most popular type of guest room is intended for couples and features a double bed (140cm x 190cm).

Of course you may decide to take advantage of a different size bed:
Twin beds (or 2 guest rooms)
Queen-size beds or King-size beds

Or feel free to request a dwelling that can accomodate more than two people at a time :
a dwelling that can take in three people.
a dwelling that can house four people.
a dwelling that can accept parties larger than 4 people.


If you are traveling as a pair and do not mind sharing a double bed, you can proceed in your search for the ideal accomodation by drilling down and selecting the kind of lodging desired under the following headings.

* *
Basic B&B bedrooms
Rooms with a view
Houses with garden or terrace
Unhosted Studios/Apartements
Quaint accommodations
Deluxe accommodations
B&B with HQP quality


All the accommodations Alcôve & Agapes recommends follow the same Quality Charter, but they all are different and offer different value-added services.

You will find it helpful to perform a search by any of the folowing amenities which each bed and breakfast may offer.

washing machine acces or laundrette service
Kitchen acces
Television access
Phone access
Web access
Parking at the b&b

Of course if you do not find any of the services or amenities that you are seeking within this list, please do not hesitate to contact me a complete list of what you are looking for because there are other extra services that are not listed herein.


You can jump ahead to any other choice by clicking on any one of the headings that you see represented at the top of the page.