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Alcôve & Agapes has selected for you a large variety of parisian homes offering hight quality home stays in the heart of the city of Paris.

All these bed and breakfast homes adhere to a strict Quality Charter , which is reviewed twice yearly by Françoise Foret, during routine inspections.

All of Alcôve & Agapes's Bed & Breakfast facilities are located in Paris , the City of Lights, within walking distance of one or more metro stations.

* All rooms that we may recommend to you are in :
• Haussmanien apartments,
• houses with garden,
• artists' workshops...

• Some yield a magnificent view on Paris, the Eiffel Tower, Montmartre...

• others offer suite, private lounge,
• terrace or private garden...

• and some of our Parisian Hosts offer their guests small independent furnished apartments.

Alcôve & Agapes Hosts' are either couples without children or singles, anywhere between 30 and 75 years old. Most speak English , and then some speak German, Italian, Spanish or other languages...

For your comfort, each host offers only a bedroom (most of the time a double) to the guest;
You will always be his unique paying guest and will be offered the keys of the house to come and go as you please. A few hosts have 2 guests rooms but they are always offered to the same family group. We may receive a maximum of 7 people from the same party in real b&b style in Paris.

Parisian hosts prefer that you stay is a minimum of 2 or 3 nights stay to be able to better establish a more personnal relationship with you .
If you are unfamiliar with Paris, 4 or 5 nights are really the minimum to discover this city with no rush.
If you are making last minute plans to find a place in Paris just a few days before your expected arrival date, some hosts will agree to receive you for a unique night stay in order to let you discover our unique service in the hopes of making you want to prolong your stay with us.


In order to facilitate your search for the best accommodation in Paris, I have come up with four basic criteria four basic criteria from which you may choose any one according to the level of personal preference :

* * Search by location if you have a special neighbourhood or sightseeing in mind.

* Search by type of accommodation, if you already know the style of living arrangement you wish to have.

* Search by selecting from a variety of personal qualities or value-added services associated with your Hosts.

When deciding upon the appropriate accommodation for your upcoming stay in Paris, I find that searching by Host stands out as the most meaningful of the above four search criteria. Based on my experience as a Parisienne, I think that searching by location for a bed and breakfast accommodation is a minor detail given the small size of Paris as a world capital. Far more important than location is the harmony that exists between you and your hosts as well as the level of desired services sought that your hosts are ready to offer you.

As a recommendation I have also put together a unique sampling of accommodations that I feel best fits within the scope of the kind of stay in Paris that you hope to enjoy.